AppAlbacete It is a company of technology and software solutions located in the city of Albacete, Formed by a young and qualified team to provide the best services to individuals, companies or public institutions. We offer mounting, Sale and repair of computers, phones and tablets, since we are part of one of the largest distributors of technology in Spain.
Our computer technicians can advise on offers, you want to make purchases and solucionarles any of your needs.
Ultimately we want both companies and individuals have the best technology at affordable prices.

Among our many services include:

  • Mounting as your computer.
  • Repair and extension of your team.
  • Configuring Wireless Networks.
  • Selling all kinds of Hardware and Software.
  • Wide range of notebooks Acer, Asus, HP, Samsung, Sony, Toshiba, …
  • Components and computer peripherals such as hard drives, graphics cards, monitors, printers, keyboards and mice, NICs, wifi …
  • Material for your business as software, Tpvs, barcode readers, ticket printers, GPS antennas, Bluetooth®, monitors-touch…
  • Digital entertainment devices: consoles, TV TFT, digital cameras and camcorders, domestic players,…
  • USB memory and SD memory cards, MMC, RS-MMC, XD, Memory Stick…
  • Consumables for your printer, laser or inkjet.
  • Operating systems, antivirus programs, games.
  • Cables and Adapters.
  • consoles, games, telephony and much more ...
  • Printing Services (Posters and photocopier).

Why choose:

  • Precios, possibly we have the best market prices.
  • personal attention, our customers are the most important and we want to give them a close and personalized treatment.
  • Experience, despite being a team we have over young 20 years of experience in the industry and we are continually learning in order to implement the latest technology.
  • versatile team, we have a large workforce of computer engineers, telecommunications engineers, advertising and marketing graduates…
  • Metología work, We work with the most modern methodologies and advanced techniques.


Our installation service of computer equipment is responsible to doing a budget that meets your needs, can choose different high quality components to ultimately generate a single device for you. For us, be a place advise in this task and tell those products that are closer to your needs.

Thanks to our technical service we can repair any electronic device you have in your home or business, from tablets or phones to computers. Making changing parts if necessary or returning them to their factory state Your device will be like new!


In Appinformatica Albacete that we'll never again suffer for maintaining your PC, mobile or tablet, either company or individual, and thanks to this service we deal with common facilities (OS, office suites, Antivirus…), change damaged parts and / or development of newly acquired equipment.

Of course, our team of computer engineers and technicians will inform you about the latest developments in software for your mobile, tablet or PC are the latest to your preference. ¡Consult on any questions that may arise!


After a long day of work or study, We all want to get home, relax and distract. well, In AppAlbacete we have the solution! In our store you will find everything from game consoles to the latest TVs have come on the market, passing tablets, ebooks,….and much more! Of course, all at the best prices in the market.
Feel free to stop by our store or contact us for any questions.